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Strainers (Dirt Box)


The strainer is a filtering element incorporated in the pipe line. A Strainer can be 'POT' Type, 'Y' Type or 'BUCKET' Type strainer because of its shape. Inside the strainer is a mesh, which blocks any suspended impurities that the fluid has and is collected in the mesh. During maintenance the mesh can be removed and cleaned of the impurities.


  • Flat Seated Screen for Proper Seating
  • Easy cleaning or replacing the element
  • Compact size and Low weight
  • Low Pressure drop across the filter
  • With Drain Arrangement on request
  • Adequate strength of element and housing
  • Protect expensive Pumps, Water Meters, Heat Exchangers, Valve, Spray Nozzle, Regulators etc.
  • Remove foreign particles, lumps, debris
  • Interchangeability of component with another of same type
  • 8 Wire mesh from 2 mesh to 200 mesh (up to 80 micron )


  • Size: 50mm to 400 mm
  • Filter Element : SS 304
  • Specification: General manufacturing standard, G& K
  • Application: Water, oil etc.
  • MOC: CI/CS/SS/DI/MS etc.

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