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Automated meter reading (AMR)

Product Details

RAWACO's AMR for water meters leverages a real time wireless communication network to tie together AMR water meters with a centralized management system. With an always-on wireless broadband network, AMR water meters, and a centralized water management system, hundreds of thousands of water meters can be monitored accurately and frequently enough to quickly detect leaks and pinpoint their location. Imagine being able to spot serious service disruptions immediately, the ability to notify customers as soon as a leak occurs, accurately plan peak demand, and even provide customers with daily visibility into their personal water usage.

Key benefits of automated water meter reading over a wireless broadband network:

  • Improved meter reading efficiency: centralized monitoring increases frequency and accuracy of meter reads plus lowers operational expenses
  • Faster leak detection: faster identification of a leak can reduce water loss and potential damage
  • Improved Billing accuracy: eliminates estimated water meter reading, improved revenue collection and avoiding unpleasant bill surprises for customers.
  • Increased efficiencies of field workers: the ability to access schedules, GIS data, and other critical information reduces trips to the central office and speeds repair time.
  • Improved customer service: customer portals into the usage date allows customer monitoring of real time usage and consumption trends, encouraging water use awareness and conservation.

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